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Seal Cards

Seal Cards

Do you want to add more variety and excitement to your bingo games? If so, seal cards are your answer! Seal cards contain a predetermined ticket count with instant winners and a definite payout. Best of all, your club or organization can count on a guaranteed profit.

Seal cards are played like a standard pull tab game however they offer the following features:

  • Pays instant winners
  • Offers players additional chances to win because some tickets contain sign-up numbers that correspond to the seal card
  • Acts as the flare or poster
  • Continues in play until all the tickets are sold

Advantages of a Seal Card Game

  • Offers  smaller ticket count – 300 to 1800 tickets
  • Sells Fast
  • Pays out winner after the entire deal is sold
  • Features high playback ratio, so players win often and buy more cards

At Keystone Bingo Supply, we have many seal styles available. Some styles even offer multiple seals for multiple winners.

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Seal Cards

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