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What are club licensees required to report?

Club licensees are required to report the following information:

  • Number of W-2G forms issued
  • Total gross winnings reported on W-2G forms 
  • Gross revenue collected for all games of chance, itemized by week and type of game
  • Total small games of chance expenses, itemized by week and type of game
  • Total prizes paid, itemized by week and type of game
  • Proceeds, itemized by week and type of game, detailing the following:
    • Amount of proceeds used for public interest purposes, including details regarding the date(s) distributed, name of recipient(s) and the amount(s) distributed;
    • Amount of proceeds used for operational expenses, including details regarding amount used for real property taxes, utility and fuel costs; heating and air conditioning equipment or repair costs; water and sewer costs; property or liability insurance costs; mortgage payments; interior and exterior repair costs, including repair to parking lots; new facility construction costs; entertainment equipment, including television, video and electronic games; small games of chance license and criminal history record information check fees; and
    • Amount of proceeds retained for a substantial purchase or project, including the description and completion date.