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Point Of Sale by JarTrek™ JarTrek

JarTrek™ is software designed to meet the need of social clubs and lodges to track sales of all small games of chance sold within the establishment in a fast, accurate, legal and unbiased manner through the use of a touch screen.

Manage Your Gaming inventory and track your profit!

Benefits of JarTrek™ and Keystone Bingo Supply, Inc.

  • Compliance – ensure that your club reports are meeting Pennsylvania Liquor Control Enforcements requirements.
  • Legacy – club has offered many years of fellowship, fun and an opportunity to help others through its philanthropic endeavors. You are part of the club and the club is part of you. You belong. Help ensure it has a strong foundation for future generations.
  • Process – JarTrek™ helps you and your fellow club members create a process that helps your club better manage the way it does business for years to come regardless of personnel changes.
  • Protect/track your income and manage your inventory
  • Leasing is available as well as convenient payment terms.
  • Installation and training provided.
  • Support –24 hours a day/ 7 days a week / 365 days a year
  • Simple to use/ user-friendly (with touch of your fingertip)

Bar and ticket sales in a single transaction! Just one transaction for the sale of liquor, food, small games of chance and winners.
Manage gaming inventory and profits. Help your club comply with state and local regulations (Jurisdictional reporting)
Easily tailored to meet the unique needs of your club.

Point of sale is a general term for the location where sales take place in a business. Whether that is tableside at your favorite restaurant, the bar at a night club, or your local hardware store, there are systems specifically designed for nearly every type of business. Your club should be no exception! JarTrek™ is the touch screen point of sale system designed for the unique needs of fraternal, veteran, and other social and member based clubs. Over the years we have added features and functions based on the input we receive from managers, employees and board members from a variety of clubs. This feedback has enabled us to provide a powerful P.O.S. system that is simple to use and can be easily tailored to your clubs’ needs.

JarTrek™ Point of Sale system has a unique combination of  features that distinguish it from any other single solution.

Powerful Controls

Food and beverage control including kitchen and bar requisition printing, split check, and server management functions. Game inventory is tracked by serial number, including profit analysis by game type.

Reduced Paperwork

The Flash Report, Bar Book, and Kiosk eliminate much of the handwriting previously required by bartenders.

Point of Sale power, Cash register simple

Cash register emulation ensures a smooth transition and a familiar format for cash drawer and shift reports.

Easy and fast

The touch screen interface and scanning provide your users with an easy to use tool for accurate sales entries. Helps you to reduce losses due to cashier errors.


You choose the layout and level of detail for reporting. Easily change prices and add menu items.

Electronic Journal

Every transaction is posted to a daily journal that can be viewed in detail. Review the day’s activity on screen or hard copy.


The optional MemberTrek module tracks, processes and organizes membership information.


The Bingo module provides hall management features such as paper sales, payout processing and calculation, player point tracking and rewards as well as customer database and relationship building tools.

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