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What is a games of chance license number?

A games of chance license is issued by the county treasurer’s office for qualifying eligible organizations to conduct games of chance in the Commonwealth. The license number is located on the games of chance license. Questions regarding licensing to conduct small games of chance should be directed to the county treasurer in the county where the organization is located.

What is FEIN?

FEIN stands for Federal Employer Identification Number. Employer Identification Numbers can be obtained by contacting the Internal Revenue Service.

What is a W2-G form?

A W2-G form must be provided to individuals when the prize awarded is $600 or more. The eligible organization is responsible for issuing the W2-G to the prize winner and sending a copy to the IRS and the Department of Revenue. The W2-G form is a federal form and is available on the IRS website.

What is a LID Number?

LID Number stands for License Identification Number. This number is assigned to each owner by the PLCB, Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. To search the PLCB website click here.

What is an operating week?

An operating week is seven consecutive operating or non-operating days as determined by each organization.