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Precision Counter 500

The PrecisionCounter™ 500 is engineered with the same proven reliability and quality you have come to recognize across the entire Arrow line of products. The PrecisionCounter™ 500 is easy to use and program.

Simply fill the open column with pull tabs, enter the desired batch amount and timing interval, press the large red button, and you’re ready to sell.

Click to watch the PrecisionCounter™ 500 video.

Precision Counter 500


  • Easy-to-use
  • Accurate counting
  • Dispenses 14 tickets per second
  • Save time - sell more!
  • Supports a wide variety of ticket sizes with simple adjustments.
  • User friendly!

PrecisionCounter™ 500 Documentation

* Customized annual service contracts are available.
Please contact your authorized Arrow distributor for additional details.

Next Generation Feed Roller

The Next Generation Roller for Nevada Gold® ticket dispensers is an upgrade to the current rollers that have been in the field for decades. The Next Generation Roller significantly enhances the ability of the back feed roller to dispense tickets.

The upgraded design and materials were engineered to provide superior traction and longer durability.

We have changed the color of the back roller to black for two reasons:

  1. The new color will offer easy recognition to your technician when determining when the wheel was last changed.
  2. The roller’s darker color highlights any accumulation of light colored paper dust, shavings, or clay on the wheel. The accumulation of these materials indicates the need for preventative maintenance.

Going forward all feed rollers will be sold with the shaft attached. This roller upgrade will be the new roller standard.

Nevada Gold Dispensers


  • Fastest dispensers in North America!
  • Dispenses 7 tickets per second
  • Quick and easy transactions
  • Each column holds up to 1,000 tickets
  • Wide variety of tickets to play
  • Dispenses 1, 3 and 5 window tickets directly below the column, in individual outlets
  • Variable pricing per column
  • Quick front-loading ticket slots
  • Accurate sales recording for easy tracking
  • Completely secure and easy to maintain
  • Easy access to accounting functions
  • Separate locks for security: one for cash; one for tickets
  • PIN number access menu-driven operation
  • Cash Code® bill validation with 600 bill stacker
  • Individual modular ticket columns are easily removable for service without affecting the operation of other columns
  • Illuminated switch with denomination cap; available in red (standard) or amber (special order)
  • Optional cabinet available
  • Optional integrated display monitor with customizable graphics and sound


  • Cash Code® bill validation with 600 bill stacker
  • Optional external printer
  • Optional lock on bill box
  • Optional coin mechanism
  • Currency validation for $1, $5, $10 or $20 bills
  • Play All button allows user to play all credits
  • Make and take 2 column option available

* Nevada Gold ticket dispensers are not legal in all jurisdictions.
* Customized annual service contracts are available.

Please contact your authorized Arrow distributor for additional details