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JarTrek™ Features and Options

JarTrek Small Games, Charitable Gaming POS Features / Options, Small Games, Tracking, Membership and Bingo and More, JarTrek Point of Sale designed for membership and fraternal clubs.

No Cash Register or Restaurant POS can do all this!

Point of Sale systems have replaced cash registers in most food service and night club establishments, but clubs have been slow to adopt this technology, and with good reason. Restaurant or Nightclub Point-of-Sale systems simply can not provide solutions unique to a club’s operation. That’s why JarTrek was developed, to be The Club Management Solution”.

For many fraternal organizations,the largest revenue center and highest profit item is in their gaming, and JarTrek helps you protect that income.

  • Game inventory is tracked by serial number, including profit analysis by game type.
  • Flash Report, Bar Book report, and the optional Kiosk module eliminate much of the handwriting previously required by bartenders and managers
  • Gaming reports are only clicks away with built in filters, time periods, and formats to make jurisdiction reporting simple!

Whether or not your club has gaming, you still have unique needs not addressed in other systems.

  • Drink “setup chip” tracking system. Add accountability, and optionally replace plastic chips.
  • Multi use terminals can change to fit your needs. Price levels, screen layout and cashiering type can be assigned by location or for special events like banquets, band night and even Bingo sessions.
  • Member dues can be paid, and member information can be made available at the POS terminal or the Back Office with the optional Member-Trek module.

Other standard JarTrek Point of Sale features include: JarTrek

  • Automatic happy hour and special event price changes by day and time.
  • Remote kitchen printing with food prep and modifier instructions.
  • Easy to find menu items, discounts & paid outs.
  • Guest checks and tabs stored and available at all stations.
  • Scanning interface for gaming and fast check pickup/ settling.

Optional Modules

  • Kiosk Module

Bartenders are spending a great deal of time and money handwriting tip jar sales in the bar book and answering questions from customers. We responded with an automatically generated Bar Book, and then went one step further. The JarTrek Kiosk© is a touch-screen software package that allows your customers to look up seal winners on their own, and to view a  club news screen to look at important upcoming events, daily specials, etc.

  • MemberTrek Module

Managers and board members expend a lot of time and energy maintaining membership and dues information. MemberTrek© provides a user friendly way to maintain and update necessary membership information. Dues and other member related payments can even be made at the bar while updating the member’s information automatically. MemberTrek© also includes a word processor and label generator to allow you to send personalized mass mailings such as membership cards, announcements, birthdays, or anniversaries, to some or all of your members. Depending on the type of door controller you have, MemberTrek© can also interface to your door system, automatically disabling or enabling a specific access control card.

  • Bingo POS

Bingo today is much more complicated, in terms of sales, pay outs and customer rewards than most realizes. Bingo gaming is generally a break even or losing proposition to the club; in general, the tip jar revenue provides the profitability for the Bingo session, and the Bingo games provide the draw to attract people to the session. Because of this, it is vitally important that both sides of this equation are controlled by your software. Most Point of Sale Software packages and cash registers are not capable of automatically calculating Bingo pay outs, especially when multiple levels are paid per game, or when the pay outs may include a number of pari-mutuel calculations, with portions reserved for the house and/or carry-overs to the next session. JarTrek’s Bingo Module does all of these things, plus calculating player rewards in the form of points, which helps drive repeat business to grow your Bingo attendance. MemberTrek© is included and used to control player points, so that you can use all of the membership tracking features for your Bingo players as well as for your club members. And, because the Bingo module is integrated into JarTrek, you automatically get the ability to track tip jar sales and concession sales at each session.