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JarTrek™ Small Games

Pull tabs, Tip jars, Jar Tickets, Deal Cards, no matter what you call your small games of chance, you can track them with JarTrek POS

JarTrek Point of Sale designed for membership and fraternal clubs.

Gain control of charitable small gaming with perpetual inventory and comprehensive reporting.Small Games

JarTrek was originally built to manage gaming inventory and profits. The bulk of many clubs’ revenue is derived from the sale of tip jars, punch boards and related gambling devices. If pull tabs “walk out the door” or if bartenders “borrow” from the profits there is the potential to lose a great deal of money! JarTrek provides serialized inventory of all games, by game type, from the moment games are received from your distributor to the point when winners are claimed. As we continually add point-of-sale functionality , we never forget the importance of the gaming revenue to your club. More and more states and local municipalities require reporting of small games revenue. JarTrek is continually enhanced to meet these requirements, including custom reporting available as print, or electronic media such as email.

Serialized gaming inventory

Using a UPC scanner and intuitive touch screen interface, operators are led through opening a game, ringing sales and paid outs, or simply entering gross profit and finally recording winning numbers and closing the game. The system identifies the date and time, as well as the employee that performed each step in the process. This gives you the information you need to find out the status of each game, as well as which games are profitable.

Audit trail with electronic journal

Managers and board members are able to audit these transactions with the use of the electronic journal. The journal keeps track of every transaction at each station as it happens. It can be sorted, searchable by transaction type (i.e. void, return, item correct) employee or shift, and even by item, check number or game serial number. The results can be displayed on the screen or printed for future use. We often say it is a club employee’s best friend, because its easy to see any accidental over rings or other honest mistakes.

Comprehensive gaming reports

Reports are available that allow you to keep track of every detail on a daily basis, or historical reports for any date range. Jurisdictional reports are provided to help you comply with state and local regulations. Please see the Contact/More info page here for report sample downloads in PDF format.

Winner lookup information

Employees and officers spend a lot of time handwriting tip jar sales in the “bar book” and answering questions from customers. We responded with an automatically generated Bar Book, and then went one step further. The JarTrek Kiosk© is a touch-screen software package that allows your customers to look up seal winners on their own, and to view a club news screen to look at important upcoming events, daily specials, etc.

Track and control your bingo gaming operations

JarTrek Bingo is a POS system designed to track and report on the profitability of bingo operations. It records sales of packages, individual games, and miscellaneous accessories. It tracks pay outs, including multiple level , multiple winner and pari-mutuel calculations, with portions reserved for the house and/or carry-overs to the next session. You can set up multiple sessions to accommodate different game play and payouts, selectable by calendar date, or manually selectable by session name. JarTrek’s Bingo Module provides player rewards in the form of points which you can customize by game, or session. You may also give bonus points for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversary’s, or holiday sessions. This can help drive repeat business to grow your Bingo attendance.