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Whether you have an existing game or wish to experience the benefits of a new game, Keystone Bingo Supply can help!

Many non-profit groups use small games of chance as a fundraising vehicle.

Can this be present if the user hovers over non-profit? Non-Profits include: charitable, religious, civic and service association; sportsman or wildlife association; volunteer fire company; volunteer rescue squad; volunteer ambulance association; bona fide senior citizens organization; club under Liquor Code 102; school booster organization; fraternal and veteran’s organization; etc.

Why charitable gaming?

  • Generate money needed in your community for many valuable causes
  • Create a sustainable income source with the right strategy and a small number of dedicated volunteers
  • Increase the success at your next fundraiser by providing the fun and excitement of a wide variety of games

Keystone Bingo Supply is a full-service distributor and your best bet for everything small games of chance.

Why Keystone Bingo Supply?

  • We offer an extensive selection of the highest quality products the industry has to offer including:
    • Pull-Tabs
    • Coin Boards
    • Jar Tickets
    • Custom Games
  • We offer top-quality equipment to meet all your needs such as:
    • Point of Sale Systems
    • Ticket Machines

And featuring the Point of Sale System, JarTrek™

Detailed yet accurate – track your profit and manage your small games of chance!
User-friendly yet powerful – cash register simple, touch screen with Point of Sale power!
Efficient yet effective – bar and ticket sales in a single transaction

Our reputable staff will assist you with the education, training and 24/7 support you need to gain optimal, professional results!

Keystone Bingo Supply
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