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JarTrek™ POS Register System

Support / Service / Consulting Guidelines

SERVICE: Service falls into the following categories

Billable $40 per hour online / $60 per hour onsite billed in 15minute increments w/ paid support agreement

$80 per hour online / $120 per hour onsite without support agreement

+ $75 per hour point (1625 John Brady Dr. Muncy, PA 17756 ) to point (your location)

additional charges may apply for after hours (8am-6pm) & weekends

1. ONSITE: Personnel comes to customer site for either hardware issues or training.

2. OFFSITE: Work that falls outside the scope of JarTrek Maintenance Agreement including but not limited to …adding or altering menu in excess of what can be done in a 15 minute or less support call such as changing complete menu, changes to pricing of large block of existing menu items, adding new menu categories or large changes to modifiers (i.e. adding pizza to a menu with several topping choices ½ & ½ ect.) when customer calls in to request changes they will be notified in advance of the work being done if it falls under support (included) or service (billable).

Our personnel are always ready to assist you. If you’re not sure which category your situation falls under please call, if it is a billable situation we will let you know and tell you the hourly rate.


JarTrek™ POS Register System

Support, Service, Consulting